Familes are like fudge, mostly sweet with a few nuts

Christmas pajamas

Our Ward party this year was a ride on the Polar Express. We were invited to wear our pajamas. The Ward members enjoyed it when the Bishop showed up in a matching nightshirt and cap.

Victorian gingerbread architecture

This is the gingerbread house we made this year. David, as usual, was the architect. The kids did the roof, chimney, gazebo and some other things here and there. This house took us 5 weeks to complete.
The inside was also totally decorated with stockings hanging from the chimney, gingerbread cookies on the table, and a train around the Christmas tree among other things.

My Grandkids

I have the seven most fantastic grandchildren. The three girls all belong to Kyle and Tiffany. The older two boys belong to MiKell and Kyle Flamm. Mark is Brett and Leslie's first child, and Elden is Shanalee and Josh's first. They are great!!! and Grandma loves to have them visit (or visit them).
We have 3 more grandkids coming in 2009 - ALL in June. MiKell and Tiffany are due on June 25th and Tammie is due on June 27th. We are going to have a busy June!