Familes are like fudge, mostly sweet with a few nuts

Another darling baby

Andrew is growing so fast. He is getting chubby and starting to smile and laugh. I thought I would share these photos from his blessing day several weeks ago.

Dancing with the Stars

The men were practicing the song they were going to sing in Sacrament meeting that morning, and Elden and Hailey thought it was good dance music.  I was quite impressed so I got out the camera. (Or course!)
Move over Fred and Ginger!

Halloween with family

While Abbie and Lincoln were here we painted pumpkins. I didn't get photos of the finished product, but believe me, they were SCARY!

We had our 2nd annual Family Halloween Concert and Party on the Friday before Halloween. We had fun costumes, great entertainment and silly games. Thanks for coming!

we had piano numbers

and songs

Fall Leaf Fun

We had a great time playing in the leaves when the grand kids were here. Sadly, it only lasted a few days because the weather got so cold so quickly this year. But, as usual, we did have a lot of leaves.

Abbie, Elden & Clark had a great time covering each other up

Lincoln joined in

Abbie Jumping into the pile of leaves

Abbie decided to take a nap

The neighbors' kittens came to join in the fun