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It is hard to remember that long ago

So, I attended two T-ball games this week. Since I was watching two grandsons I had a great time. But what memories resurfaced! I really had forgotten the whole T-ball scene. However, I can report that parents and children do survive T-ball though I wonder if you even remember it?
Mark and Elden were on the RED HOTS! and Leslie (yes our dear pregnant Leslie) coached them. It was halarious to watch. These kids were like peewee peewees. They played in the dirt as much as with the ball, and they threw their mits as often as they threw the ball. But from the first practice to the last game, they learned a lot and progressed amazingly. It was great!
team cheer
pregnant coach

watch the ball
run Mark run
Good swing!

running hard

high five
heading for home
get that ball

Piano Party

Katelyn, Addison and Hailey earned points for piano lessons and practicing and with those points made a paper chain which we draped around our family room for the past several months. In mid June they finally got it all the way around the room and connected, so they got to have a sleep over party at Grandma's house. What a fun time. We even had Orange juice and Popcorn!!  (Tammie, I know you are jealous.) I should have gotten a photo of the paper chain, but Dad took it down almost immediately - I think he was tired of paper chain decor. I did get some photos of the girls at the party - playing the piano (since it was a piano party), jumping on the tramp, and of course playing games (all Schwieder parties involve game playing don't they?) Thank you, girls, for working hard at the piano. You are doing great!

The Haroldsen Reunion


Here are just some random photos from the Haroldsen reunion at Albion. Kyle and Caleb were also there but I didn' get their photos. We had a fun time even though we got caught in a blizzard when repelling in The City of Rocks. Of course I didn't have my camera with me that day. Leslie, I need those photos!