Familes are like fudge, mostly sweet with a few nuts

Meet little Daisy

Daisy Louella joined our family last night. She was too impatient to wait out the last 4 weeks but decided to surprise us all!  We are so glad to welcome her - though she could have waited a week for me to finish her quilt. 
She's beautiful!!!
14 hours old - sleeping soundly - too soundly to eat it seems
Shanalee is beautiful too!  Mama and Baby are both doing well
She had her eyes open for a bit but did not like the camera lights at all!!
Just look at all her beautiful black hair - and even curls
First obvious trait - She likes her hands up by her face - This will make it harder to swaddle her I suspect.
Daisy is beautiful. Thank you Shanalee and Josh for another perfect grandchild - #18. And we are tickled to get our 7th granddaughter.  We love you all.

photos from early summer

My computer died and David had to move all my files to his computer. Now I'm learning how to use his computer and where he has stashed my files. I'm not a fast learner - hence, no blogging for awhile. I don't have many photos on this computer yet but these are a few from the first of the summer that I like.

Andrew is adorable!
I loved having Brett's family living here for a short while.

Spencer is adorable too!
Clark trying to use his Mom's camera

My family - at the Haroldsen reunion this year
Elden playing soccer - he loved to run around 

Great save! 
Elden and soccer was interesting. He loved running around but wasn't too much interested in moving the ball with him. He understood about  being a goalie but if the ball wasn't around he enjoyed playing in the net just as much.

Mark played T-ball again this year and I was privileged to take him to a few games. He has the game down pretty good though he and the 2nd baseman did find something interesting in the dirt at second base - much more interesting than running to 3rd base.

Aren't kids great - we need to be more like them!