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I Love Leigh Lake

This year we went to Leigh Lake with Shanalee and Josh and their two boys. It was just so nice and relaxing - at least for me. Dad and Josh did all the hauling, packing, portaging, and setting up. Shanalee and I got to take care of kids. Not much of a break for her, but I thought it was great. Elden had a wonderful time and Clark did well too.

Shanalee hiked in with Clark on her back. Josh hiked in with a pack and David and I canoed in with Elden. Elden sat in front of David and had a great time tying his (David's) shoelaces together on the way. David about fell in the water when he went to step out of the canoe. I really wish I had had my camera! David and Josh set us up a wonderful camp, the weather was great (just a bit cold at night) and we had a good time!

Elden, what big eyes you have.
What a wonderful man I married. He even did most of the cooking! I am soooo spoiled!
Father and son (Josh and Elden) had a great time together for 3 days.
I'm afraid that water is too cold for me.
learning to skip rocks
Josh and Elden weren't the only ones in the water.
Shanalee was prepared for the cold nights with Clark bundled in his bunting. We also took the swing to hang from a tree - the smartest thing we did!

I wasn't the only one with a camera - like mother like daughter. Dad and I didn't pack too well and
all our clothes got wet in the canoe. The clothesline was the first thing set up in camp. Luckily it was a hot day and our PJ's were dry by nighttime.

Enlarge these two pictures to see the colors in them. The sunset/dusk colors were beautiful.

The David Schwieder Reunion - parts 4 and 5

My first time in the Great Salt Lake. This photo will join those of me in the Gulf of Mexico,the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, and the Mediterranean Sea. One more thing off my bucket list!
Bathing Beauties!

Floating along on the Briny Sea!

Fun in the Sun and the Sea

Canoeing along on the briny sea
Part 5: Elden's Birthday Party

Happy birthday sweet boy! We all love you and your glasses!

Shanalee and Josh, Thanks for organizing another great reunion - and everyone, thanks for coming!

The David Schwieder Reunion - parts 1, 2 and 3

PART 1: Camping on Antelope Island
The kids had a great time and got dirtier by the minute. (Isn't that supposed to be part of camping?)

The adults came prepared for the sun with hats, but the little ones thought they were toys.

Shanalee and Josh came prepared with "win it in a minute" games. Both adults and kids joined in the fun.

We also just did a lot of relaxing

Our four newest family members, Lincoln, Hyrum, Clark and Alena, spent their time in carriers, back packs and blankets. Next year we will have a batch of crawlers. Won't that be fun?

Of course I had to give this a part all by itself. I mean, how often do you get a family reunion interupted by a spectacular thunder and lightning storm, a wild fire, and a forced evacuation? It's a first for us and I suspect it will never happen again (I hope, anyway). Thanks to all you wonderful relatives who took us in late that night - Kyle's brother, Tiffany's parents, and Rob's parents. We can not thank you enough! This picture was taken not too long after the lightning struck, before Tammie called 911.
PART 3: The Museum - It was great to regroup at the museum and just continue on with the reunion. You guys are fantastic! The museum was very interesting and we enjoyed it all -

even the snow cones.

I'm glad Leslie suggested a family picture. Everyone but Brett is in the picture - what a wonderful memory to have.