Familes are like fudge, mostly sweet with a few nuts

We have some wonderful Dad's in our family!

For Father's Day we had a gathering at our house. We presented our husbands/fathers with a list of reasons why they "are special to us". We had 268 reasons listed, but we could have put twice that many if I hadn't run out of time. When we unrolled the list, it stretched from the front step to the
trees out by the road. We cut it into pieces to hang on the wall for this photo. I thought it
so appropriate that when the photo was taken, two of the dad's were holding babies. We really do have a group of fantastic dad's in this family. Thank you!!!

You all do a wonderful job loving, supporting and teaching your children and your neices and nephews. We love you!!!

And a special tribute to my Dad and David's Dad. You are our best examples of what father's ought to be. Thank you for your service all these years!

David thanks for your example for our children, and Daddy, thanks for your example of true love!

Great time in Kanab

I had a wonderful time in Kanab with the VanDyke family. I was there for 2 weeks and David joined me for the last few days. One of the last things we did was take family photos. This is one of many. Below are some of the other highlights of my time there.

I got to photo journal Lincoln's first bath. He actually
enjoyed it!

Abigail was a lot of fun and we did lots together. We went on walks, played in the park, played peek-a-boo, tried on Grandpa's hat and just laughed a lot.

One evening I got to go to a concert in the park where Rob played with the Kanab Jazz Band. That was fun - specially chasing
Abbie around. I was impressed with Rob's playing.
We didn't JUST have beautiful warm weather - we had one rainstorm while I was there. There was a gorgeous complete double rainbow out Tammie's back door but of course my camera couldn't capture it all or it's intensity. Blow the photo up and you will see it better.

I had a birthday, shout hur-ray!

I celebrated my birthday this year in Kanab. Tammie made me a yummy caramel chocolate nut bar cake. Tammie, I forgot to get the recipe.

We enjoyed Chinese food with Tammie and Rob that night and during the day we took Abbie swimming. It was cold - I mean the water - but we got used to it. Abbie likes the water!

Lincoln at one week

Here is bright eyed Lincoln at almost one week. He still sleeps the majority of the time, but he does stay awake for longer periods too. He likes baths, he loves his binky and he likes to be held upright. He hates diaper changes and he also does not like to lie on his back.

He likes to talk too. Well, it is more cooing than talking, but it's cute.

Peacefully at sleep. I wonder how long this will last?

Swimming with Abigail

Grandma VanDyke took Abbie swimming yesterday. Abbie loves to swim!

Hide and Seek

So, Tammie and Abbie were playing Hide and Seek. I just had to share.

We have another new baby

Tammie delivered little Lincoln Robert early Friday morning, the same day that I flew to Kanab. He was only 9 hours old when I took these photos. Mama and baby and doing very
well, and papa couldn't be prouder!

Abbie is occasionally interested in baby brother. She was more interested in laying in the baby's hospital crib and pretending she was a baby. She likes to do that at home too. She's actually handling it all very well.

Bringing baby Lincoln home Sunday morning! He's beautiful! Tammie felt so well that she and Lincoln went to Sacrament Meeting that afternoon.