Familes are like fudge, mostly sweet with a few nuts

Cowboy Mark and Andrew's quilt

The week after Andrew was born Mark had his first preschool field trip to the Mountain River Ranch. His grandpa (Dad) took him since we all ganged up on Leslie and wouldn't let her go. They had a great time!

Cowboy Mark riding his horse

All the little cowpokes having a wagon ride and sitting on the board walk

Grandpa and Mark wearing their hats

 I also thought I would show everyone the quilt I made for Andrew. I just finally got it finished this week - just a little bit late.  I got the pattern from the quilt Tammie's mother in law made for Lincoln. I thought it was so cute, but I changed the colors for mine.  I really like the way it turned out.  I even did the machine quilting. My quilting skills are improving!

Launching rockets

I thaught a 4-H Rocketry class in September. Elden was around for some of the classes and wanted to be involved. I let him have my rocket and he chose to paint it black and red. We had the launch on Saturday morning Sept 15 and Elden was the first one there. 

Elden and his rocket

Grandpa showing Elden how to prepare for launch

blast off!

Grandma helps prepare for the second launch

Elden's ready to count down

David demonstrating for some of the 4-H kids

Everyone's rocket flew straight up!

Cute picture - watching the skies

Even Clark followed the rockets into the sky

Some of the family spectators who came to watch
The launch day was perfect with no breeze at all! Most of the rockets went straight up and right back down. We only had to run for 2 of them and the rest came down within 10 yards of the launch pad. It was amazing and much less tiring. We had donuts and cider to end the morning.

A wonderful event

3 hours old
            Andrew Brett was born today!!!!!
He is totally lovely. Thank you Leslie for letting me witness a truely miraculous event.

Leslie finally got to hold him

Proud daddy

10 minutes old

1/2 hour old

Thrilled grandma

A new addition to our family

Dad and I went for a drive on labor day. While up in the hills he took these photos so I could "blog our new pick-up with a good backdrop". It's a nice pick-up. I think we'll be glad we got it. Now David feels real macho when he drives to work. I can hardly see over the steering wheel when I drive - and I'm not even short for a girl!

Monday was the christening - the pickup got dirty for the first time.
Any ideas what we should name our new truck?