Familes are like fudge, mostly sweet with a few nuts

Missed Photos

Photo 1. Tammie and her kids stayed with us for a few days after the funeral and then we took them to SLC to catch a ride home. I got to go to the Children's museum with them that day.
Photo2. I just think this is a cute St Pats day picture

Photo 3. The Simmons' new home. Shanalee was demonstrating how her "daughter" will sweep down the stairs for her first date. I'm glad she's planning on having a daughter!
Photo 4 and 5. David and I took my dad up to BYUI to see Todd's end of the year horticulture show. It was really very interesting but I didn't get very good photos.

I haven't figured out how to use this new blog format. I don't think it works nearly as well as the old one. How do you get the photos to show up side by side instead of all in a vertical row?

My great grand kids

I've got the best grandkids in the world so I just decided to share some of my recent photos of some of them. Enjoy! Katelyn is modeling the apron she made in 4-H. The picture of Addison is at her baptism. All the photos were taken in the past 3 months. These last two photos show Clark before and after his haircut. He is now 1 year old and has grown up too much. The first video is Clark eating his birthday cake.

Caleb found the best slippery slide in the house and Hailey had to join in.

Fun with my sisters in Oregon

So the 5 of us went to the Oregon coast for a week. Lyn and I drove and the others flew into Portland where we picked them up. We stayed at a beach house in Lincoln City and from there visited lots of great places.

We saw lots of beaches and even went out on some. I put my hand and foot into the ocean because Addison said I should. We visited 3 light houses, a cheese factory and a glass factory. We saw coves and islands, harbor seals, sea lions, and lots of seagulls (-:
(I won't repeat the seagull story - if you haven't heard it you are the only one on the planet who hasn't)
We also visited lots of shops - we like to look at pretty things - and occasionally buy some. We REALLY enjoyed all the good food. We had a wonderful time!

More Pysanky

This is what I did as I listened to conference on Saturday. David is in charge of our Ward talent show in a few weeks and this is what he will display for me. I wish I had time to make some more carefully now that I am learning the do's and don't's.

It really is quite fun to do. My only problem now is that I ran out of beeswax already.