Familes are like fudge, mostly sweet with a few nuts

Things we do

So my last blog was about places we go. This is about things we do when we stay home. We exercise - I got David involved with my "Fitness tree" this month. This is a photo of mine but his looks the same (except that he missed a day!
I haven't missed a day yet
I do silly crafts - hope your kids are enjoying this one.
I do crafts and make quilts. This one took more time than I anticipated.
Daisy's quilt
 This is what David does - he makes things beautiful for me. He repainted the master bath and I got new towels and things. He also stripped the bedroom wallpaper and textured and painted. We got new carpet and it really looks nice.
It's the same but different

I like the colors

I picked the color to go with the quilt Grandma Schwieder gave me
It looks really nice.
David and I like to take classes. I took two water color classes this fall. 
I'm learning but I have a LONG way to go 
Bechler Meadow (Do you recognize it at all?)
My Grandma Haroldsen was born in the upstairs room on the left of this house in Elba, Idaho
We also celebrate birthdays. Lots of them
David's birthday - he has binary candles for 62.
I don't understand but the menfolk did - it's about computers

Hailey laughing at a birthday card

Katelyn made her own cake this year
I can't believe she is really 12.
Great Grandpa celebrating Elden's birthday with him.
These are just some of the things we keep busy with. Life is good!

Places we go

This summer and fall we have been visiting. In August we went to Wyoming to see Brett and Leslie and their family. In September we went to Mississippi to Zachary's baptism. In October we went to southern Utah to spend Halloween with the VanDykes. Then in November we took my dad to SLC to a Condie reunion. All four places were well worth the travel, and the company was superb. It was great to see everyone!
Andrew and Dad at the "water hole". We had a picnic here
Zachary and his baptism blanket.

Hiking with the VanDykes
While we were in Kanab we went on a hike to see a horseshoe bend in the Colorado river. I was a bit slow but I hiked it okay. (I was quite proud of myself.)

Cool rock formations
The Colorado River before it gets to the Grand Canyon
Actually, I was more nervous about the heights and the sheer cliffs than about the hike itself. They need rails or something. This was as close as I dared get. 
We took a photo of most of the descendants of PM Condie who were at the reunion. These are my aunts, uncles, cousins and sisters and of course my dad.

more summer photos

So, I never finished posting summer pictures. Of course I still have lots more photos but these ones are cute!
Abbie in SLC

Like grandfather like grandson - Aren't they both just cute?

Elden performing one of his amazing tricks!


even grown ups can be cute

playing in a Wyoming water hole - great fun!