Familes are like fudge, mostly sweet with a few nuts

A word about our mission call

It was very exciting to open our mission call. 
Dad was kind enough to let me open it. 
Thank you to everyone who joined us. It was
so nice to to share this moment with family, both 
here and on Skype. We are excited to go to 
Taiwan, though I am also quite nervous. 
David is thrilled with the call! We are working 
hard on our Chinese with the MTC, by Skype.
The schedule is quite stressful, but will only 
help us in the long run.

Reading our mission call 

Sealed with a kiss

We appreciate all who joined us either in person or by Skype - it was lots of fun!

This is my mission count down chain. I take off a link each day and the last link will come down the day we enter the MTC. According to our schedule we will be in the MTC for 3 days before we travel on to Taiwan. I guess that is why we do language training by Skype for 4 months. We can't wait to get our name tags!

We have a new baby!

Yes! We have a new baby. But not a name for that baby. Tiffany and Kyle are thinking hard. The kids are trying to help with many suggestions. Even Dad is making suggestions (but no one liked Gertrude).
Welcome to our family little Whitney!
Isn't she beautiful. One of the nurses is in their ward and donated the hat. You can't see her hair, but it is quite dark and doesn't seem to be red at all. Maybe Hailey will have a sister with her color of hair.

"Grandpa", connect those synapses. 
Proud Daddy

I made a Butterfly Quilt for this new sweet baby
(Addison requested butterflies)

Other pictures from Mississippi

I did go to Mississippi because of a new baby, but I sure had fun with all the other kids.
Here the kids are doing "Father Abraham" with grandpa. I should have gotten Grandpa in the photo.

Hyrum has a great smile!
Wendy likes to pose

 David and I ate lunch at school with Zachary and Eric the day of Dr. Seuss' birthday. Eric dressed up as Horton the Elephant and Zachary was a Zizzer Zazzer, Zuzz. (See Dr. Seuss' ACB's)

We spent some time at the area parks.

Zachary got quite dizzy

Baby Sabrina was the biggest hit. More popular than Dr. Seuss, lunchtime with grandpa, playtime at the park, or even Father Abraham. Everyone loved Sabrina. 

Building a Playset

While I was in Mississippi with a new baby,
David was in Kanab helping to build a playset.
David the builder

Spencer the helper

Abbie likes it

It's a big hit with Lincoln

Spencer likes it too but Mom is cautious 

The finished playset. Good job David!

Visiting Ranchester

David and I visited Brett's family the week after they moved into their new home. They were tired but happy. I failed to get any photos of the house - sorry.  It is a very nice house. Leslie, you will need to post some photos for everyone.

Andrew playing peekaboo through the window

Brett and the Eagle he painted in the High School gym
 The boys love their Batman/superman capes Grandma Taylor made for them. I love the pretend play.
Bad guys better watch out!
Saving the day!
 This is looking out their back door, across their back fence and into their personal playground (the elementary school yard). The boys visit here almost everyday. That is Mark in the dark blue coat.