Familes are like fudge, mostly sweet with a few nuts

Day at Rigby Lake

We spent a Saturday at Ribgy Lake with some of the family. We canoed, played in the water and the sand, and ate good food. Even the littlest ones seemed to enjoy themselves.

Don't they make life vests in larger sizes?

We discovered some cute and friendly mer-folk.

Summer is quickly coming to a close so we're glad to share these nice days with family.

Wedding Dance

The last half of Todd and Bethany's wedding reception was a dance. Todd and Bethany started out (above center and right), then Bethany changed out of her wedding dress, and the fun really started. Todd performed a tap dance (left) choreographed to L.O.V.E. and then danced with Bethany (above left). (part of Todd's tap dance is on the video at the bottom of this blog) Then Bethany danced with her dad and Todd danced with me and David danced with Bethany, his new daughter in law and then EVERYONE began dancing. It was so fun, and I took scads of pictures. I had a hard time deciding which ones not to post so, even though there are a lot of pictures, I hope you enjoy them.
(Below) Zachary and Addison really got into dancing. They had a great time, and then Zach noticed the position the adults were taking to dance and he moved himself and Addie into that position albeit backwards. Is he left handed? Anyway, I was quite impressed.
Lyn told Jim he had to dance, so I took a picture of Heidi and Jim dancing to document that he really did.

MiKell and Wendy formed a line dance for the "ladies in green".
David & I had a wonderful time. Thanks so much to Bethany & Todd for making the evening possible. We love you both. (And Bethany, welcome to the family!!)

Part of Todd's tap dance choreographed for Bethany to the song L.O.V.E.

The newly weds

Todd and Bethany were married on September 3rd. It was a beautiful clear day, perfect for a wedding. It was a wonderful ceremony and the bride and groom were the perfect couple.

Bethany's dress was absolutely stunning. She designed and made it herself including all the beadwork and the 36 buttons down the back. Her mother did the embroidery on the bodice. (Bethany was married in her temple dress)

We appreciate all who attended the wedding to

wish this sweet new couple happiness as they start their own family together. Top left-all the girls in their matching skirts and dresses. Top right-all my kids. Bottom left-the parents and grandparents. Bottom right-all the Schwieder/Haroldsens who were at the Temple