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Ward Talent Show fun

Last week we had a Ward Talent Show and the bishopric was the hit of the night. They did a lip sync to Elvira - a country western classic (I guess). Randy King was the main "voice" and dressed the part of the "cowboy in love". Dad was the "um pa" back ground guy and did an excellent job. When they did those chorus parts he got out in front and really moved to the beat. And then Kent Beck dressed as "Elvira" and flounced around the stage. It was halirious watching him in high heals. It was great fun! I didn't hardly get any pictures because the stage was so dark the camera mostly just blurred. Dad happened to be holding still for this one so it actually worked.
The three stars!

I tried to get some video of the event, but this is the only one that sort of worked out. The first is very blurry, but it gets better as it goes. You can kind of get an idea of how it went.

I was in a number too - about what I do best: EATING!!!
4 others ladies and I sang a song about tiptoeing to the kitchen for a midnight snack. It was also a lot of fun. I'm sure we totally made fools of ourselves, but it was okay because we did it together. There is safety in numbers.
Mark and James have spent several days and nights with us while their folks were at Wood Badge. They are quite intertaining. James spent his time trying to climb on everything and being very proud of himself when he succeeded. Consequently he took some good falls too.
While they were here, Shanalee brought her boys over several times, so I got some photos of all of them. Clark is trying to learn to crawl. He really wants too, and as soon as he can figure out how to move that much weight around he is going to take off. He really wanted to get to Charlie. It took him about 10 minutes, but he made it at last. Charlie was very accomodating.
All of the boys loved being outside so I am glad we had good weather.

Under the playset was a good hideout from "the dragon".
Mark loved to help me water the flowers. He watered everything real well; the house, the tree, the sidewalk, Charlie, himself, and Me. He even got some on the flowers occasionally.

Biking in Yellowstone

We were inspired by Todd and Bethany! They spent the long LaborDay weekend and their anniversary biking around Yellowstone Park. Well we couldn't go that far, but we did borrow their bike rack and took our bikes to Yellowstone yesterday to enjoy the day there. The weather was fantastic and we were able to bike to places I haven't been in years - since I stopped hiking in fact. It was great!
Actually, the weekend started at a campsite in Teton where we spent the evening with the Ward Priests and their leaders. We fed them breakfast Saturday morning and sent them on their way up to TableRock. Then we headed for the park. The Tetons were perfect. We saw 4 geysers go off and we biked into Lone Star Geyser and Morning Glory Pool. It was great to be out amongst the trees away from the cars. I had forgotten. I'm so glad Todd inspired David with the idea. The Park needs more biking trails.
We saw Castle Geyser go off. The picture of me with my bike is in front of this geyser.
We saw Riverside Geyser go off. David is standing in front of Riverside geyser. Morning Glory Pool was beautiful but not as blue as I remember it.

We biked into Lone Star Geyser and waited for an hour to see it go off. David had the camera and decided to get some "artistic" pictures of me. This is why I usually carry the camera! It was a wonderful day!

What's been happening

Since getting home from all our trips and travels I've just been trying to finish unfinished projects. One was this crocheted hat. I used Tammie's pattern. I think it turned out very cute and Clark models it well. Elden wanted to model it too though it is a bit small for him.

David and I have been very busy with yardwork, and
Mark joined in one day. I even mowed the lawn myself this past Monday!(this ought to amaze all of you) Charlie still loves to be loved as you can see in this cute photo. He really is not doing too well, but is managing.
Earlier in the summer my friend Joanne and her husband Mark came to visit and I never posted any photos from that. Here we are across the river from the temple. From here you can't see all the construction going on around the temple. It is supposed to be finished later this month and is going to beautiful!
I thought this photo of the temple turned out very nice!