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Summer Visitors

All of our grandkids and their folks have spent time here with us this summer. It is absolutely wonderful!
Here is Elden (almost 1 year)helping me sweep the floor - he loves to hold long objects and the child's broom is a favorite.
Here is Mark (16 mths) playing on his favorite chair - the one he likes to fall off of on occasion.
Here is Eric (2 yrs) having fun on the slide out back. He loves being outdoors.
Here is Zachary (almost 4 yrs)flying a kite with Grandpa. He loves to have us play with him.
Here is Addison (5yrs.), Katelyn (7yrs), and Hailey (2 1/2 yrs) on the trampoline with the sprinkler under it. They play very well together.
And here are the new babies, Abigail, Wendy and Caleb, with their mamas Tammie, MiKell, and Tiffany. They are all beautiful (babies and Moms)!
We love to have them all visit and they are ALWAYS welcome.

And yet another beautiful granddaughter

Congratulations to Tammie and Rob! Beautiful Abigail Gwen was born on July 7, 2009. She has light colored hair and probably blue eyes just like her mom and dad. This does not surprise us.
She is so sweet

Both Tammie and Rob seem totally smitten with this little one. Aren't they a beautiful family.
Fun with numbers: Abbie was born at 6:16 PM on 7/7 and weighed 8lb 8oz.

Another beautiful new baby

Tiny little Wendy Larae joined MiKell and Kyle's family on June 22, 2009. She weighed 6 lbs.5 oz.and has lots of velvety dark hair. She's beautiful!
At one week old, Wendy is very alert and MiKell is feeling fine.

And her brothers love her: Zachary below and Eric bottom left.

What a wonderful family!