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The big Haroldsen Reunion

Grandpa (my dad) and his four brothers were at the reunion. Grandma (my mom) is the only surviving spouse of the four. Almost all of my cousins were there and lots of the next two generations also as can be seen in the photos I posted. I could have posted a bunch more.It was a good reunion and I had my camera with me all the time.
The last photo shows the 3 youngest members of the Fred Haroldsen family and their moms.

They are all boys but none of them carry the Haroldsen name. (Actually, James - the baby at right - was given Haroldsen as a middle name)

Haroldsen Family Reunion

We had a great Oliver Haroldsen family Reunion this past weekend. I have lots of photos and I may post more later but for now I am posting a photo of all of my cousins who attended - we were only missing 3.

Baby Blessing

James Haroldsen S.

James is a beautiful bright eyed baby. I got this photo of James' family but Mark just didn't want to hold still - there were too many visitors and other distractions. James however was content to just sit.
I included the photo of Bethany and James just for Todd. Enjoy!