Familes are like fudge, mostly sweet with a few nuts

Haroldsen reunion

The last reunion of the summer was the Haroldsen reunion held at Ruby Inn outside of Bryce National Park over the July 4 weekend. It was great to see everyone. We had a fun time camping and playing.
The man who started it all - My DAD

An evening playing games

The traditional family passtime

Rob and Dad preparing our Dutch oven dinner 
Daddy, DeAnn, and I opted for the
Helicopter tour since we can't hike

Finger paints were a big hit

Elden shows off his dirty hands!

Swimming is always a great activity - especially in the heat

Camping is fun!

Lots of fun!
It was a fun reunion. I'll be sad to miss all the reunions next summer, but we'll be at the ones in 2016!

Harold Schwieder reunion

Our next reunion was the Harold Schwieder reunion at Pine Basin. Since so many of the little ones were sick, we did not have as many attend as originally planned. Still, everyone who went was glad to be there.

 A good picture of Grandma and Grandpa

 Everyone played hard & everyone participated. Here is the shot put.
Leslie did well - I think she won

 And here is the soccer kick. Eric, the overall winner, had the most points of everyone (even adults)!

 Katelyn did well in the long jump and everyone had a good time in the donut eating contest (and everyone won since they got to eat a donut).

Hands keep getting in the way!

And. . .  let the races begin. Everyone earned a dime. Well, almost everyone. I didn't go very fast!
I tried!
Daisy watched everything. What beautiful big eges.

 Then everyone slept hard too. Good reunion. Good night.

The reunion continued

I took some photos at the lake, but not too many because I never went down to the water.  I forgot to take the camera to the zoo. Oops!  Lots of missed photo opportunities.  Here again are some favorites.

Whitney is beginning to smile - especially at Katelyn

rub a dub dub - a wagon is better then a tub

my dad still has a cute smile

FHE - they are not usually this attentive are they?
I guess the popcorn is good.
Game champion of the universe!
Kaydrie gave her good luck!

The birthday girls

Happy birthday to me - and Wendy, Caleb and Abbie
I decided to video the chaos. It is rather interesting how many different conversations and activities are going on at once. Notice the difference in the noise level from living room to dining room. At least it is nice to have a calmer place to retreat to when needed. I'm so glad we have a big house!

We have some singers in the family. They do not seem to have a problem with volume. 

The reunion begins

I loved the reunions. It was rather chaotic at times and I feel very badly about the sicknesses, but I really loved seeing everyone and enjoying time together. I took LOTS of photos in some places and none in other places. Here are some of my favorites from Grandma's house.  There are lots of them but I had a hard time narrowing it down just to these ones!

3 generations of very good men

Grandma in a very typical pose

Todd was not afraid to join the kids in the play house.
Or maybe he was the only one limber enough.

Hailey and I made a good team

Our two newest

What is it about kids and trees?

I loved Alena's braids

Where did you get Sabrina's little chair?

No fear!

I thought you might enjoy this video.  I guess the kids will learn not to pick on Grandpa.