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Polly Pureheart Prevails

Brett is THE VILLIAN! and poor Polly Pureheart and her parents must rely on Dexter Dogood to save them (though he doesn't do much but strut around a lot). Typical melodrama action unfolds on the tiny Iona Community stage for Pioneer Days. We had a great time watching Brett as he connived and plotted and still lost in the end. It was especially fun to see Brett in drag. Though he lost the money he did gain something more important - come and see what. They are performing again tonight and Saturday night.
You must pay the rent!
The plot thickens.

The villianous deed.

The villian exposed!

A happy ending? Even for Wesley Wicked?

The kids enjoyed the melodrama though all of them had a hard time identifiying Brett (daddy) at first.
It was Lots of fun.

Harry Potter and company

Last night we had a gathering of witches and wizards
join us for a Harry Potter Party. Wizard Elden joined us before he went to bed.

Harry Potter, Nymphadora Tonks, and Minerva McGonagall joined us. We played games and ate wizard food. Here we have cookie wands, Bertie Botts every flavor bean, and Cauldron Cakes.
We thought Harry Potter was extremely lucky since he won everything, but then we found out he was charming the cards with his wand. Why didn't the rest of us think of that.
Then they all got ready to go to the midnight showing of the last Harry Potter movie. Left to Right: Harry Potter (Todd), Tonks (Bethany), Professor McGonagall (Shanalee), and two Gryfindor students (Josh and Samantha)

The faces of Harry Potter - I wonder what he's thinking about?
Harry Potter and Tonks? Something seems all wrong here!

Our 4th of July celebration

So, I'm a little slow with this post, but we did have a great 4th of July. Brent and his family stayed from the reunion, and they along with all our family close by met at Freeman Park Monday afternoon to relax, eat and play games.

Donna painted Shanae's face to be in keeping with the festivities.

videos from the reunion

At the Haroldsen reunion, I got some fun videos. Here are several of them. The first one has a story behind it. I was taking a photo of Craig's family and was trying to get the kids to smile. Suddenly they all started laughing. This is what they were seeing. Craig took my place so I could get the video. The second video is of the kids playing "ghetto ball" and the 3rd is Abbie playing "ghetto ball". After watching her parents play she decided to try it.

A fantastic Haroldsen Family Reunion

what a great reunion we had with the Haroldsen family at Three Peaks Lodge outside of St. Anthony, Idaho. The picture at left is my family - my folks, me, my siblings and our spouses. These are the beginnings of the our Haroldsen clan. We had a great turnout - 62 people - and the lodge
accomodated all of us very nicely!
The kids all had a great time with cousins and second cousins. Here are just some of the adorable pictures I got of some of my grandkids.

In our individual family, the only ones we were missing were the Flamms. So this is our family photo minus the Flamms. We missed them! Notice how many of the little ones like to have their hands in their mouths. Not seen in the photo is how much the older ones like to have food in their mouths. We didn't lack for good food!
I took a family photo of every family at the reunion this year. It was a great way to document those attending. Here are our family portraits. I think they actually turned out quite nicely. Only problem - I forgot to get
one of David I. Oops!
I want to thank all my kids for coming and bringing your families. Especially the new mama's with their babies. I know it wasn't easy, but it sure was fun to have you there. Thanks!!

Above are my sisters and sister in laws. What a blessing to get along so well - we actually like to be together! Left is a picture of the Tetons taken from behind the lodge. It is a very pretty place, but you will probably have to blow the photo up to really see it.