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Our Nauvoo Experience (a long blog)

David and I had a wonderful time in Nauvoo this summer helping with the pageant. It was a marvelous experience so though it is several months past I wanted to share some of it with you.
Our cast spent the first week practicing and David, Lyn and I spent that week entertaining and teaching children when they were not on stage.
These are the girls in our cast practicing - we got to know them all very well
The second week our cast performed the pageant each night. David, Lyn and I spent the night backstage tending little ones and keeping them happy for their times on stage. 
Joseph Smith with the children. Joseph is kneeling center stage. At right is Brigham Young. The man at left is Elijah Fordham, our district leader. His wife stands behind him. The narrator, Parley Pratt is kneeling second from left.
Our cast performing a dance - you can see some of "our" kids
Lyn, Myself, and David
Each night before the pageant we put on a "country fair" for anyone who wanted to attend. We had many activities and crafts going on all the time. We got to dress up for our assignment in the Cousin's booth.

The main story of the pageant is building the temple and why we need temples. Each night the pageant began with the temple showing behind the stage. For that month, the temple closes early and turns off the lights so that as it gets the dark, the temple disappears. Then, each night they build the temple on stage as the pageant progresses.

The temple behind the stage as the cast dances
building the temple on stage

this is what it looks like from the back

The on-stage temple - this night it was a bit windy
Then, towards the end of the pageant, when the saints must leave Nauvoo, the temple falls into ruin and comes down. But at the very end of the pageant as they speak of hope and the future, the lights of the real temple on the hill behind the stage light up and the temple is spotlighted. It really is quite effective and touching.

David tending Maylie back stage
The Nauvoo Bagpipe band - another fun part of  the pageant - they performed all over Nauvoo and all of the surrounding cities plus every night at the Country Fair and at the pageant.
Linda and Wallace Carroll - They were kind enough to let us stay with them the two weeks we were in Nauvoo. They are now in the Dominican Republic on a mission. Linda is Gay Willis's sister.
The Mississippi River from the end of Parley Street - this is where the Saints gathered to cross the frozen river when they left Nauvoo.
The Nauvoo Temple - it is a beautiful temple. David and I were able to attend two sessions in the temple while we were their. We even got to see Allen Haroldsen's oxen at the baptismal font. 
The Nauvoo Pageant totally teaches the Gospel and emphasizes families, the temple,  missionary work, the Book of Mormon and the restoration of the Gospel. It is a fantastic production. Go see it if you ever can. Even better, take your family and be a part of it for two weeks. They are taking online applications now. ;-)