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Our yard this fall

This Fall we put up a fence around the back yard. It looks nice. We also got the play set area finished with a border and rubber fill.
This summer we finally got the front of the house landscaped. It filled in very nicely and this is how it looked this fall - the end of Septemer. The blue petunias kept blooming just like this clear until late November. I just took them out last week. They were beautiful. We'll see how everything does this winter.

Just before Yellowstone closed we took my Dad for a drive. It went much better this time - no flat tire! It was chilly but beautiful.

Remembering Summer

Well, summer is over and I never got my summer and fall photos blogged. I have a thousand of them (at least), but since I don't want (and you don't want) a mile long blog, I've picked out a few choice photos to show some of our summer activities. 
Clark playing at the park

Hailey on our back yard swing - notice Dad's nice garden in the background
Parks and swings are always a fun summer activity. Water is also. Kyle set up a water slide in the yard for the kids to play on. He also instigated a water fight. Mark was willing to take him on - everyone else ran.
Katelyn on the slide

Mark was brave enough to battle it out with Kyle -
Kyle you should be ashamed of picking on someone smaller than you!
We decided to stay home for the 4th of July this year and it was a good decision. We had a BBQ in the back yard. The great grandparents joined in
enjoying the shade while the kids play

Grandma and Grandpa Schwieder
watching the fireworks

At the end of the day we enjoyed sparklers and fireworks. We did the sparklers while it was still light  - safer for the kids - but we waited until dark for the fireworks. It was a fun day.
I'll share more photos at a later date.