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The Game Champion of the World!

On New Year's Eve our family gathered for "The Game Championship of the World". This is the 3rd year we have done this. I was the defending champion, but MiKell won the crown from me! Brett was in charge this year and he did a super job of organizing the games and the point system. He even had a grading system, a spread sheet and a way to earn extra credit. You can diffinitely tell he is a teacher! It was fun. Thanks to all who participated. Hopefully next year we can get some baby sitters and even more of the family can join us.
The three winners (past & present): Kyle Flamm, the winner for 2010. I was the winner for 2011. MiKell is the winner this year.

The Faces of Christmas

Christmas was wonderful. I loved having my children and grandchildren here for so much of the Holidays. These are just a few of the many
many pictures I took. I hope you all enjoy them! I did.

I love my children. I have 6 wonderful kids and I have gained 6 more wonderful children through marriage. I love you all. Thank you, all of you, for your good lives and good choices.
May God bless you all this year.
I didn't get a picture of Kyle and Tiffany or one of David and I. Next year I'll do better.

Christmas activities

Leslie had a wonderful Santa party. Elden scooted closer and closer to Santa until he was right there when his name was called. He was SOOOO excited! The four babies visited Santa for the first time. Lincoln was interested in the beard, Clark went right for the gift, and Alena and Hyrum didn't know what to think. And of course Tammie had to have a turn too.

We totally baricaded the tree to keep Hyrum and Clark away from the ornaments.
We played in the snow, painted stars for FHE and went caroling to the neighbors (after decorating cookies).

We danced with the Wi (I might blackmail some people with my videos of this) and we played games.
It was fun to see the next generation carrying on the game playing tradition. It was also fun to watch the cousins exchange gifts.
On Christmas morning we had the Flamm's and the VanDyke's here to open gifts. Even the babies enjoyed it. Abbie carried on the home made gift tradition by making a beautiful painting for her Dad.
Christmas was awesome this year. I loved having family around for over two weeks. Now I'm lonely again, but my house is slowly getting put back together;-)

The Gift of Music

On Christmas Eve, my family put on a concert for my parents. It was our Christmas gift to them. My mother is essentially blind and though she cannot do very many things, she does enjoy music. The Concert was Shanalee's idea, inspired from a comment my dad made about songs he wanted sung at his funeral. "Why wait until his funeral?", Shanalee reasoned. It was such a special evening. I appreciate Shanalee for the idea and ALL of the family for their willingness to participate, practice and perform. It was awesome!
Those who participated: Girls-Leslie, MiKell, Shanalee, Bethany, Me, Tammie, and Tiffany. Boys-Josh, Kyle S, Kyle F, Rob, Dad, Todd (behind the music) and Brett. We performed 16 numbers - piano, vocal, and guitar; solos, duets and quartets. I think my parents really enjoyed it. Thanks again to everyone who participated.