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Yes, my remodeling is finally finished! (almost)

Todd reminded me I had never posted photos of my finished remodel. Actually, we only got the kitchen wall tiled last week so I guess I'm not that slow. I love my new family room, dining room and kitchen! Now I just have the master bedroom and bath to go ;-)
Enjoy the photos
New kitchen sink and faucet, new appliance garage, tile behind the stove is also new, and new countertops

This is how I solved the dilemma of where to put photos of all my grand kids. They fit nicely on the dining room wall - and I have room for 10 more!

My new hutch is perfect. The back is all mirrors and it makes the room seem airier. Todd's pottery Christmas gift looks wonderful here. You can also see the new wainscot and the new floor. The green wall color is much brighter than the photos indicate. I love color and it turned out very very nice!

This shot shows the new deck door. The blinds are inside the glass which is very convenient. However, they forgot to put in the screen door and we are still waiting to have that done. This is a problem now the bugs are out and we can't open the door to get a breeze through the house.

The family room looking north shows the piano and new entertainment center. David finally gave up his humungous stereo speakers and let me replace them with little ones - I like it this way. Todd's and Brett's paintings look very nice on this wall.  You can also see my new end table in the foreground.

The family room looking south shows my new sofa and chairs. Notice the Clock Grandma and Doug made for me years ago. It looks very nice here. You can also see the quilt grandma made in the forground - the colors are perfect for this room. The carpet is very soft and comfortable; no problem letting Andrew roll all around on it.
The only things left to do eventually are: replace the light fixtures in the family room and take out the fan which doesn't work, perhaps a window treatment around or above the bay window to soften and add color to the room, and I think I should get to work and paint some pictures to go on the wall on either side of the hutch. (Who wants to take bets on if that ever gets done?)
Anyway, I love how it all turned out. I could not be happier and I feel all happy inside every time I enter the room. It is just so fun to plan and create something and have it turn out so nicely!