Familes are like fudge, mostly sweet with a few nuts

New babies are arriving

This is little Caleb David, newborn son of Tiffany and Kyle. He was born today, June 23rd at 2:16 PM.
He weighed 7lbs.12 oz and has a light sandy color hair.
Tiffany and Caleb are both doing well.
What a sweet family! Congratulations.

MiKell had her baby, Wendy Larae, yesterday June 22. I don't have any photos yet since I'm here and Wendy is in Utah. As soon as I get photos I will post them. Go to MiKell's blog to see her photos.

Day in Yellowstone Park

David took me to Yellowstone Park for my birthday. It sure has some dynamic scenery. We had a good time.

Summer happenings to come

The most important of our summer happenings is still to come. Some time in the next several weeks we will welcome three new little ones into our family. Tiffany, Tammie, and MiKell are all due the last week of June. Aren't they beautiful!

Even more summer happenings

Katelyn has joined a T ball team this summer. We watched a game today. She likes T ball because "you don't have to run so much".

On June 6 we had a family spring recital Katelyn and Addison each played 3 piano pieces they had learned. Hailey had to "play" too. The rest of the family was invited to participate and many did so. At Katelyn's encouragement, Dad learned "Pony Ride" on the piano. Rob and Tammie enthralled us with a jump rope routine. As Tammie is rather pregnant, she mostly did rope tricks. Thanks to everyone who made this recital a success. You all did wonderful! I love you all.
The bottom right picture is me with all seven of my grandchildren. I think they are all wonderful (as their parents are also)

More summer happenings: Zion's

Over Memorial Day weekend we went to Zion's National Park to do some canyoneering. The weather didn't co-operate and we were not able to go into the canyons, be we still had a good time. The scenery was fantastic!
The kids are smelling a Ponderosa Pine. They claim that it smells like butterscotch. Dad thought they were crazy.
While waiting for the shuttle, the kids played some slap game that Brett knew. It makes a fun picture though I have no idea how it is played.
This was Elden's first camping trip. It was rather cold and other then that he did great. I came along as designated baby tender since I can't climb or repell.

Summer happenings

Elden learned to clap (top left), Mark learned to walk (top right), Zachary discovered grandma's dress up costumes (bottom left), and Addie and all the grandkids liked to come play at grandma's house.
Rob graduated from the U of U Law School on May 15. Congratulations!!!!
Mark (bottom picture) had his 1st birthday on April 3. Eric (top picture) had his 2nd birthday on June 6. Happy birthday also to Brett, kyle, Shanalee, Tiffany and Josh who all have summer (or spring) birthdays