Familes are like fudge, mostly sweet with a few nuts

Thanks for the get well wishes

Well, you can't really read the card, but it is cute and I thank Shanalee and Tammie for the nice thoughts - especially the joke.
My past roommate and still good friend sent these flowers when she found out I was sick. They are a bright pretty pink and really brightened the day. Thank you Joanne!
I am feeling a bit better, but I sure wish I could get rid of the cough and congestion. Please work hard at keeping you and your families well.

Look Alike meter

Well folks,
Just for your information I did the Look Alike Meter on MyHeritage.com tonight and I'm sorry to inform you that, though it is a lot of fun, it is not very accurate. I did all you kids at least twice, with different photos and different results. Here is how it came out. Kyle looks 14% or 15% more like Mom. MiKell looks 17 % more like Dad, equally like us both, or 17% more like Mom. Brett looks 5% more like Dad or 26% more like Mom. Tammie looks 3% or 23% more like Mom. Shanalee looks 3% or 4% more like Dad. And I did Todd 3 times and every time said he was equal parts of both of us. The first time I did it for everyone I used our family photo from the reunion this summer. The other tries were just with random snapshots. MiKell, I also did your boys from your reunion family photo. It said Zachary looks 19% more like Kyle and Eric was equal. Tammie, from your family blessing photo it said that Abbie was equal to both of you.
Well, that is the results for what they are worth. I might try it again later just for fun.

Abigail's Blessing

Sweet little Abbie (Abigail Gwen) was
blessed by her dad in their Ward in SLC on October 11th. We were able to attend. Acting in my role as "baby smile prompter" during the picture taking, I snapped a few myself. Isn't she adorable! She was actually giggling!

Rob gave a wonderful blessing! I am so blessed that all my sons and sons in laws are worthy righteous priesthood holders just like their dads. Thank you.

Time with Elden

While in Utah last week, we stayed with Tammie and Shanalee and their families. I got some cute pictures of Elden in his high chair and thought I would share them.
Doesn't he look all grown up with his hair cut and all. He changed from a baby into a little boy in just the past little while. Though we love to watch them grow, wouldn't it be nice to keep them little for just a bit longer!