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Beware the Bugaboos

Brett, Leslie, and Josh were in the Iona Days Melodrama last week and did a riproaring job. Leslie played the part of Henrietta Grinch who was supposed to be my age. With makeup they added wrinkles and gray hair, but they couldn't hide the baby belly. It was cute.
Brett and Josh were two of the bad guys, the Bugaboo brothers - Tom and Harry. They played their parts well. Brett was loud and obnoxious and Josh was a bit slow - you would say he wasn't playing with a full deck. They were very funny. Wish you could all have seen it. Here are some photos.
The cast after the play except we're missing the English Gentleman.
The thrid Bugaboo brother, Dick, is at the back in the red shirt

Mrs. Grinch, the hotel proprietess

The hero, Sam Simon-pure, (short for Samantha) was also the
sweet young thing, kind of a new take in melodrama stories.

Josh's costume was the best

Hey, where're the rubies?

They did a good job with Brett's costume too.

I don't get it!
Good job guys - you did an awesome job!

A big day for Bethany!

Bethany graduated from BYU Idaho on July 20th! David and I went to her convocation and had a great time. I still haven't figured out why most of my kids didn't want to walk  ???? Of course, since she graduated from the visual and performing arts department, the convocation was filled with visual and performing arts. It was great. I suppose math and science departments would not have been near so entertaining. Anyway, it's good to have kids by marriage who believe a bit more in tradition. :-)
Congratulations Bethany. We are proud of you!
Isn't she beautiful

The adults repelled too

I mostly got photos of the kids repelling, but I did get a few of the adults. Josh strongly encouraged Shanalee to go up and when Todd agreed to go with her she finally did. She said it reminded her of old times - She always got Todd to do everything with her when she was young.  I even did a little climbing, but on the easy slope with the young ones.
Todd and Shanalee heading up

It's a long way down!
Getting started is the hardest part

Can I hold my breath all the way down?

Maybe this is fun

I Did IT!

Todd coming down
 I wish I had gotten pictures of Bethany coming down. It was her first time, but I wasn't there when she made the drop.

I did get this video of Josh coming down.

Day 2 - Climbing and repelling

On day 2 of our reunion we also went rock climbing and repelling. What else are you supposed to do at the City of Rocks? It was very hot and it was hard waiting for turns but the kids (and adults) were great. Brett had the equipment and all the adults worked to help the kids be safe and have fun - though it can be scary at times. Coming down cliffs backwards can make your heart beat faster - just ask Shanalee and Bethany and little Abigail. Bethany said she practiced yoga relaxation on the way down. Abigail chose to cry. And I think David got a touch of heat exhaustion from belaying in the sun all day. But if you ask the kids now, everyone had a "super great" time.
 Zachary was one of the first ones up.

Zach climbing up
Proud to get to the top

Coming down with Brett's instructions


MiKell and Wendy going up

Mark climbing

Eric and Elden climbing

Addison climbing - the easy part
Addison was a bit worried but with Dad to help she did great!
Learning how to come down

Coming down with dad

Safely at the bottom, getting a high five from Grandpa her belayer.

James was the youngest to make the climb - he turned 2 in April

Dad helping out - little legs just aren't long enough for some climbs

No fear! Who needs dad?

Making the climb deserves a ride down
Abbie was happy and content to be safely at the bottom

The morning of Day 2 - little Schwieder reunion

On the second day of our reunion we started the day with Yoga. We all had mats or blankets or towells - I had a chair - and we had a great time (even Dad).
Thank you Bethany for leading us!


Brett helped the little ones play alphabet games on his computer

We spent a lot of time sitting in the shade (It was hot that day!)

Day 1 of the little Schwieder reunion

Last weekend we held our Little Schwieder reunion at the City of Rocks in southern Idaho. Todd and Bethany organized it for us. We had lots of fun. On the first day we set up camp and then the kids climbed all over the rocks for which the place is named. I also took some sand toys and the little ones played a lot in the sand box (an unused tent site)

Caleb helping set up camp

King of  the Rocks

All the kids enjoyed climbing (but not falling)

playing in the sand

Everyone enjoyed the food