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Christmas decorations in Taiwan

These men were putting up the tree for our Ward Christmas party. It was fun to watch. I don't even think they got the tree put together correctly let alone any rhyme or reason for how it was decorated. They never found a top on the tree.

Young Carson wanted to help - he did as well as anyone else

This is the tree in our apartment complex lobby. David asked if one of the gifts was for him and they said sure.
 I took photos of all the Christmas decorations I have put up in my house. I actually have more then I expected and I love them. They make me feel good.
/My tree. It stands about 5 feet high. It makes me happy!

This is the tree Shanalee's family sent me.
It hangs on the dining room wall. It makes me happy too!

My nativity shelf. I have 3 nativities. I brought two from home.
I haven't found one to buy here, but I keep looking!

My advent calendar this year

 Shanalee made me a two sided Christmas stocking. It hangs in the doorway between our living and dining rooms
David's side

My side

The nativity I made this year.
I made some and gave them away also.

The book I bought this year is also a decoration
and has wonderful paper cuttings.

I found this angel music box and had to buy it.

A Ward member was selling ginger bread houses so I bought one.
It isn't decorated quite up to my normal standards, but it is a
gingerbread house. It smells good!