Familes are like fudge, mostly sweet with a few nuts

Kyle and Tiffany have this fun end-of-summer tradition. Right before school starts each year Kyle makes lots of sugar cookie dough and colors it red, blue, yellow, orange, purple, green, white and black. Then the kids get to model cookies of all shapes and sizes. They are limited only by their imaginations and the size. This year they did the modeling at my house and Elden joined in.

Look at all the different shapes and colors - and these are only about a third of what we made. I thought my hamburger cookie and my butterfly turned out quite nice.
After the cookies are baked and sampled, they are put into the freezer and used for school lunches for the first month or two of school.

Reunion Day 3

I never finished posting photos from our little Schwieder reunion and since I have some real cute ones, I decided to post them now. This is Day 3, at Cleveland Lake.

My one and only - isn't he great?

Why aren't my rolls as cute as Clarks?

Gotta test the water out before we actually get in

Seven Brides . . .

Rob is brother number 2 - Benjamin. According to Tammie, "He's the cute one". And Tammie is Dorcus - the part she has always wanted to play. They had a great time doing Seven Brides for Seven Brothers in Kanab last week. And they did a super good job!!!
We enjoyed our very short visit there but are very glad we made the trip down to see the show.
Benjamin and Dorcus - they were the purple couple

Abbie - kids love David's hat

Lincoln playing with grandpa - he's growing up!

Playing on the slide
playing in the water fountain - great for hot days

Lincoln thought putting grandma's hat on grandpa was the more harlarious thing in the world - He does look rather silly!

We went to the Manti temple for the first time - Beautiful!! but full of stairs.