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January Birthdays

Happy Birthday!

Bethany and Todd are now both 23 years old. We celebrated Bethany's birthday at her parents home the first of January. We celebrated Todd's birthday here at our house just this past week. We wish them many many more happy birthdays together. I just can't believe my "baby" (and his wife!!) are 23 years old. Where does the time fly?

Saying Good-bye

We helped take the Flamm family to the airport on Saturday and we got a call from them that night that they were safely in Mississippi. These are our airport good-byes! We love you. Good luck in Mississippi!

Last day (for awhile) with the Flamms

This past weekend David and I spent some time with the Flamms. We took the kids all day Friday while Kyle and MiKell finished getting their house ready for sale. We had a good snowfall the night before so David took the opportunity to play in the snow with the kids. Zach enjoyed the snowball fight with grandpa.

This may be their last time to make a snowman for several years. Mississippi is not known for snow. The kids helped by following David around.

We spent all afternoon at a children's museum and the kids had a great time! Zach got to play the part of the king in a play. He got to sneeze and sneeze and sneeze. In fact he sneezed himself to death. He had quite an interesting death scene. I'm sure going to MISS these kids!!!!