Familes are like fudge, mostly sweet with a few nuts


One candle in Shanalee's birthday cheesecake - one candle?

Shanalee and Josh opened their new home to the family to celebrate both the new house and Shanalee's birthday. The house is beautiful and so are the people living in it!
The Simmons Family in their NEW HOUSE
Grandma made an apron for Shanalee's b-day gift - so she modeled it for us

grandma loves little ones!

Superheros to the rescue - this house has lots of stairs to climb and play on!

Recent birthdays

Mark is excited for his birthday!
James has a "book worm" cake!
a new toy

Clark loves ice cream!
We were talking and noticed that Clark had disappeared. Josh found him sitting by the trash. He would pull out the used plates from the garbage and proceed to lick off the ice cream. He loves ice cream and is not picky where it comes from. (-: