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A full day of Thanks

David and I had a very good Thanksgiving day. In the morning we worked on projects around the house - David on the dorm in the basement and I on Christmas gifts. I put current pictures of the progress on the dorms at the bottom of this blog, but I didn't put pictures of the gifts I'm working on. Sorry. No peeking. At mid-day David and I went with Susan Horwith (a single sister friend from the Ward) and served food at the Community Thanksgiving dinner sponsored by the Salvation Army. What a great experience that was. My table was filled with men from City of Refuge, a men's shelter and rehabilitation center. They were great. Later in the day we went over to my folks to celebrate Thanksgiving with them. We invited Susan along again and she brought the homemade cranberry sauce - very good! We had a good Thanksgiving meal with Mama and Daddy and lots of good conversation. Then Shanalee, Josh and Clark showed up for a visit. It was just very enjoyable. When we got home, David turned on our Christmas lights for the first time this year. What a surprise. Brett had come and put up lights along the roofline. I had told David I didn't want him on the roof this year (He is getting too old for such shinanigans) so he only put them around the windows and door in front. Brett did the rest for us. Thanks! it looks great! Below is the dorm as it looks now
and looking at it from the TV room.
I am very grateful for David - and not just because he is building my dorm! David is wonderful. He is a super dad, a fabulous husband and just a very very good man. He, my children (all 12 of them), my grandchildren, and my testimony of the Gospel are my greatest blessings.

The first video is Clark crawling in my folks dining room. The second is Clark helping his folks look through Black Friday ads. The last one is of all those at Grandpa's house that night.

Fun New Things at Our House

Quite a while ago, I think back in September, my "Grandma" blanket disappeared. It turns out Shanalee snuck it away and had it updated with all my grandkids' names. I've been meaning to blog it ever since and just never took the time. Thank you Shanalee. I love it!

Just this week they finally got here to blacktop our drive way. I've been waiting for this for 20 years. I like it a lot. I'm sure I won't like the bill when it comes next week though. Oh well.(I was right. I don't like it!)
Dad has started working in the basement! The left picture shows where the boys dorm will be. The right one is the storage room. You can see why I am trying to clean things out of the basement. It will be a pretty small storage room! Do you think Dad will finish the dorm by Christmas? Zach and Eric are supposed to sleep there. I have faith in him!

Visiting Kanab

In October we went to Kanab to visit the VanDykes. We had a great time. We sat at home and relaxed, played at the park with the kids, found a great sandstone cave to explore, and visited Pipe Springs National Historical Monument. Of course the best part was seeing Tammie, Rob and the kids and just being there with them. What a sweet family.

Tammie found out about these caves from her visiting teacher. They have lots of different colored sandstone in them and are just up the canyon from Kanab. What a fun place. I found lots of sand for 4-H. Pipe Springs was a fun place to visit. It is a restored fort. The longhorn cows were a bit intimidating but the ducks were just cute.

these are just two fun videos. I think you can guess what book Dad is reading to Abbie in the background.