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The gingerbread house is finished!

The gingerbread house is done and on display at the museum. Ahhhh - it feels so nice.
We had a fun time trying to make a gingerbread version of the photo of the house at left, taken on my trip to Vermont a month ago. David did an excellent job with the archetectural and structural drawings. I put some walls together wrong and that necessitated redoing some of the roof pieces. Altogether we used 18 batches of gingerbread and over 20 of icing. I think it turned out okay. We put a light inside so you can see the furniture and Christmas tree inside. Of course there is a manger scene in the front yard and David is very proud of the Santa Sleigh and Reindeer he found to put on the roof.

One side of the house has a 2nd floor balcony - far left - and the other side has a covered porch. There is a dog house and puppy, of course. Shanalee named the dog "Jolly" but I forgot to write his name on his house - oops. I'm proud of the idea of a deciduous tree with a bucket hanging from it for collecting syrup. Probably the wrong time of year for maple syruping, but it just fit with Vermont.
The back of the house has a covered porch the whole width of the house and in the back yard we added a skating pond and sledding hill. Notice the bunny on the frozen pond and the fox watching him. A little added drama!
This picture was taken at 1:30 am Thursday morning. I only had a few details to finish before we took it in for display Thursday afternoon. It was a fun house to make and I really appreciate David, Kyle and Brett and all the help they gave me this year. Thank you - thank you.

I think we might get it finished in time

Brett also came to help with our gingerbread house. He comes up with great ideas!This morning, Tuesday, David and I put the top level of the house on before he went to work late and he got hold of the camera before I did. The house is coming along but I only have 2 days to go.

More Gingerbread

The gingerbread house is progressing. Saturday night Kyle and David worked on balcony and porch roofs. They do a great job.

gingerbread update

This is what our gingerbread house looks like as of Friday morning Dec. 3. Not much yet but we have already put in 36 hours. The windows alone took 3 hours to pour - 35 windows, 3 batches of sucker candy. All the gingerbread pieces are spread out on tables like this around the house. Now it is time for long hours on gingerbread. I've procrastinated this year and I'm going to pay for it with sleepless nights I'm afraid. But isn't it fun?