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Spring beauty

We actually had an early spring here in Idaho this year. It was amazing. It gave my spring bulbs a chance to grow and bloom, so I took some photos. These are some of the bulbs I bought from Todd (BYUI) last fall. I should have taken a photo of the lilacs also. They were gorgeous.

On Saturday we took my Dad up to Yellowstone Park. We did see some beautiful things, but after we stopped for lunch we found we had a flat tire. So, here we had a man without the use of one arm, a lady who can't kneel down and a 86 year man trying to change a tire. It was rather amusing. Well, the tire was totally unrepairable so we drove into Montana to buy a new tire. Of course there was nothing in the first small town we stopped in so we kept going. All the tire places were closed on Saturday afternoons in the second town, so we kept going.  We ended up having a very nice auto tour of half of Montana and buying two new tires at Walmart in Bozeman.  Then we headed straight back toward West Yellowstone, and that is when we saw David's bear. He kept saying we would see a grizzly and we did. However, we never saw my Moose!