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I'm back!

Honestly, it is not my fault that I haven't blogged for a while. After returning from Kanab the 2nd week of January I tried to blog Christmas and found that all the photos on my camera had been erased - so sad, no photos of Christmas! However it turned out that Tammie had copied them onto her computer and erased them off my camera card by accident. I finally got a copy but not in time to blog before I left for Mississippi the middle of February. Now I am home and will try to put up a few blogs. I'm not sure I'll get back to Christmas or not. That seems like eons ago. 
Doesn't look much like our wedding photo!
Dad and I needed a photo for our mission papers so we asked Landon Wild to take some for us. He did a good job with a difficult subject. This is the photo we sent into SLC. 
No she doesn't laugh yet but gas makes her smile!
Happy Mama

1 week old
It was great to go to Mississippi and be there when little Sabrina Beth was born. She is a pretty little thing and MiKell is doing very well.
She's adorable
This is the quilt I made for Sabrina. I call it the little chick quilt. I started one for Tiffany today. I do like making baby quilts. If you plan to have a baby while we are on our mission, let me know now so I can get quilts made before I go!!