Familes are like fudge, mostly sweet with a few nuts

visiting the temple

While Abbie and Lincoln were here with us last week, we had a FHE about the temple. Abbie helped me make this beautiful temple cake. Okay so you have to use your imagination.
Then, later in the week we visited the temple grounds.
our wonderful temple cake

Abbie touching the I.F. Temple

Lincoln in front of the temple fountain

For Lincoln, the best part of the temple was the water

we collected flowers and leaves from the temple grounds

Abbie made herself beautiful for church on Sunday. She loved the little clippies and put about 15 in her hair. She also had to have a "grandma" necklace.

Dancing in Mississippi

While in Mississippi we discovered some great dance styles and steps. I hope you enjoy these demonstrations. (I'm trying to upload 4 videos but not having much luck - I don't like computers!)

Visiting Mississippi

I really do have cute grandkids! (As can be seen in the above photos). David and I, with Tammie and her kids, visited the Flamms in Mississippi. So, these are the Flamm and VanDyke grandkids.
We visited the Zoo and some old homes and played in the Park. On the last night we went to a catfish restaurant and partook of "real" southern cookin'. This was the only picture I got of everyone together, although Zach was hiding from the camera and I was taking the photo. Oh Well, I tried.

A day in Yellowstone with my Dad

My dad bought himself a new fancy DSL camera and has been taking classes to learn how to use it, and David has been taking a series of photo classes also, so we spent last Saturday in Yellowstone practicing photography skills. It was a nice day though a bit overcast and we had a good time though Daddy just couldn't get down low enough to photograph flowers anymore!

Daddy had to stay on level ground

I like the colors in the grasses

I thought the best part of the day was when we saw a cow elk along the road and stopped for some photos. All the sudden we heard bugling and just through the trees was a 6 point bull elk. He was huge and he bugled several times - but not when we were taking photos of course. He didn't seem to mind us being that close at all!

 We also saw several bison. I thought these photos turned out well. David probably took them.

Can't go to Yellowstone without seeing Old Faithful!

Reunions with my Dad

This summer I took my dad to several reunions just so he would/could go. Most of the people were older than me, but it was fun. At the Ottley reunion in Elba, Idaho, Grant and Ray were also there.
In Elba Daddy took me to see the house where his mother was born and raised.  Look for the top window on the left - that is the room where my grandmother, Celecta Ottley Haroldsen was born.
One Saturday morning DeAnn called and asked Daddy if he had heard anything about the Lincoln 1st Ward reunion. She had seen it on facebook. He, Ray and I had not heard about it, but we all went.  There were young people there, but I didn't know them. I knew the old people. I guess I'm one of them.  It was fun to talk with people who were part of my growing up years.

Daddy with the Bahrs - good friends from way back!

Daddy and Ray with the Johnson's. Tebbin was my bishop when I got married and he also spoke at Mama's funeral.