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Great Time at the Open House

Bethany and Todd had an open house in Boise this weekend to celebrate their upcoming wedding. It was a lot of fun. Bethany and her family did a good job decorating with balloons and pinwheels. I plan to use some of their ideas for the luncheon, including this sign.

Coming back from California Todd was just so excited to see Bethany again. They are such a cute couple. This was a very summery event, and though the weather threatened not to cooperate, some divine intervention made it just perfect. Bethany wore the crocheted dress her mother had worn as a "going away dress" when she got married. It is very pretty, so I included the next two photos to show it front and back.

Above is a picture of Todd and Bethany with her parents, John and Mitzi, for those who have not met them. Bethany has a very nice family. We enjoyed the open house and of course I took a million photos including this
one of them opening their gifts that night.

Congratulations Bethany and Todd and thanks to all those who came to the open house.

Iona Stake Treks...and Treks...and Treks...

The Iona Stake recently held a pioneer trek. David was involved in part of it. Here are some pictures of him in his pioneer garb, dancing the Virginia Reel one night, with some Ward members, and treking with his "family". It was a very good experience for everyone involved.

Our Schwieder Reunion

We had a marvelous time at Bear Lake. Tammie did a fine planning job and the weather co-operated perfectly. I'm so glad everyone could come - except Todd who is in LA - we missed him but it was great having all the other families there. Thanks, everyone, for coming. So I have a million pictures and can't pick just a few so enjoy all the following.

Zachary and Rob were having a water fight and Zach always got splashed in the face as he shot water at Rob, so he solved the problem by turning around and shooting backwards.

Abbie was told she could have one cookie so she took one (handful of) cookie. (I've always said I have brilliant grandkids)