Familes are like fudge, mostly sweet with a few nuts

Our acrobatic snowman

Well, Harold, our snowman, finally bent over far enough to get his head to the ground. He really is quite limber for a snowman. This picture was taken the morning of January 19th. Go to the proceeding post to see him as a young upright snowperson. His carrot nose fell off also, you can see in on the ground below his head.

Alas, by that afternoon Harold finally succumbed to the warm weather. His head fell off! Please do not mourn. He lived a good long life to the ripe old age of 18 days.

Harold the Snowman

While Shanalee and Josh were here during the Christmas holidays we had a great snowfall and the snow was perfect so they took Elden outside and built a snowman. Shanalee named him Harold (I guess after her grandpa - I figured if she built him she could name him). Anyway you can see what a strong upright snowman he is. He looks really quite content with life. Well, over the next few weeks he started bending over. I figured he was doing yogo but my 4-H girls claim he is just bending over to pick up his hat since it fell off. I think it is really fun that he has bent over this far and his head is still intact and he hasn't just fallen over. I think soon his head may actually touch the ground. I'll keep you posted.

Harold was built on January 2 and the last photo was taken on January 17.

Christmas break activities

We had lots of company and we kept busy this Christmas break. And we loved every minute of it! One day we all made graham
cracker "gingerbread" houses to use up all the extra candy from our big gingerbread house. Some of the little ones had lots of help from their folks. We played a lot of games and Katelyn played her first game of "GO". She is now
officially part of the Haroldsen family. Four of the kids sang a quartet in Church that Sunday and did very well. We went bowling one afternoon - I had a little trouble with that.

Of course some of the kids played in the snow. Our snowman is still out front. Elden and his folks did a fine job of building him. And, of course we ate. We had a nice family dinner Christmas day and the next day we had the
big Haroldsen family dinner at the church. It finally outgrew my house. The Christmas Holiday season was absolutely wonderful!

Our families version of the Nativity Story

Our family did a traveling FHE for the great grandparents. We went to their houses and among other things performed the nativity story. Katelyn was the beautiful Mary. Zachary played Joseph and asked all the right questions. Caleb was a very robust newborn baby Jesus. David was the donkey as in years past and still does a very good job of it. Josh and todd were the innkeepers.

Addison was the angel and did a heavenly job. MiKell and Leslie were the shepherds, and Wendy and Mark were the sheep, though Mark was quite the wandering sheep. Abigail was the star and did a sparkling job. The wisemen were Eric, Elden and Hailey who had a hard time following the star unless their dads were their to help. And, Tiffany was the stork. Yes, we are aware there is no stork in the Bible story, but we required one for our story. They all did a super good job!!!

Christmas Day

On Christmas Day, David and I wore our Christmas nightshirt and night gown and shared a kiss. Then we fixed breakfast together. (Belgium waffles with strawberries, cream, caramel syrup, bananas, nutella, etc.) Yummy!

The kids all had a great time opening gifts and playing! We enoyed visiting them at their houses or welcoming them to our house.

It's nice to sit and relax after Christmas morning.

Christmas Eve

I know Christmas eve seems long past, but I wanted to blog it anyway.

Todd, Tammie, Rob and little Abbie were here with us Christmas Eve. For Christmas Eve gifts they got pillow cases. The Living Room was off limits to me as David played Santa and put together my new kitchen (a play set for the playroom downstairs). We didn't have a fireplace to hang the stockings from but the book shelf worked fine. Our tree miraculously survived all 10 grandkids who were over during the holidays.