Familes are like fudge, mostly sweet with a few nuts

Vacationing in Florida

We all had a wonderful time in Florida last week. At the Resort we went swimming, enjoyed children's night, and played on the beach where Zach and Eric loved playing in the sand and we adults all went sailing. I got to stand in the Gulf of Mexico (first time from U.S. soil).

Later in the week we visited the everglades, spent two days in Disney World and David and I visited an Aquarium while the Flamms took the kids on an outing with their cousin and family.

Into the wilds of Florida

In Florida we ventured into the wilds of the Everglades (in safe airboats of course). We saw 4 or 5 different alligators. One, in the top photo, was at least 9 feet. They truly do lay absolutely still in the water with just their noses and eyes showing and even then they match the color of the mucky water exactly so it is hard to see them. However, they do like marshmallows and will come over for a visit on occasion. Zachary was a bit nervous and was adamant that he didn't want to go into the water. I think David was mean to tease him about it.

We went for a boat ride in Tampa Bay to see the Dophins. We saw dozens. They always swim in twos or threes so it is
hard to count for sure. They are also very hard to photograph as they are only out of the water for brief moments. We were lucky and got a few photos. At the Aquarium in Tampa I got to "pet" some rays. They feel kind of cold, slick and velvety. It was interesting.
Then we ran into some "wild" Vikings in Disney World. Don't they look fierce?